sábado, 20 de junio de 2009

that what ppl tink about animal abuse [just english :)]

Yes, it is horrible when people abuse animals, however eating them is not abuse, it's nature. Do you think that nature is some peaceful paradise? It's not, species go extinct every day from competition with other species(without the "interference" of mankind). The law of nature is eat or be eaten, and this still applies to humans(believe it or not, we are still a part of nature). Besides, I love the taste and I need the calories to maintain peak efficiency.
I never eat red meat. I do eat chicken and turkey ONCE IN A WHILE because growing kids need SOME protein. But sometimes, I wish these animals could use guns and murder a lot of us humans and eat us... even me.
darkwepons if the animal is domstic and lives in a home its good other wise its just all fair game strays need to die to help stop the abuse in the first palce most animals are bred for what we need and use everday! so stop your bitching about abuse or stoping useing animal products all togeather im not gonig to let some pansy ass stop me from eating other animals cause they taste so damn good
animals are people, how are we letting this happen. people need to make a stand against this. anyone that hurts animals need to be taught a lesson. maybe we should make it that if you hurt an animal we get to hurt you in the same way. that might teach some people a lesson.
Im a vegetarian because of this and i dont like the taste I wish it would stop and im sure every body who watches this even the ones laughing get the heebie jeebies!
Animals are good in two ways, but not necisarrily in two ways. Depending on the point, the statement can both be true or false.
animalresercher NO IT NOT RIGHT! ANIMALS HAVE FEELINGS, how would you do if some test go wrong and morph you in a pig, all the murder, and you're next, animals aren't meant to be murder, they are meant to be loved, not murder

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